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The view from Grøningen guest harbour at Kvitsøy

The view from Grøningen guest harbour at Kvitsøy

© Kvitsøy kommune

Holiday apartments

Holiday apartments

© Lysefjorden Marina

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Guest marinas

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  1. Add Erøy harbour to your Itinerary

    Erøy harbour


    4233 Erfjord

    Erøy harbour is located in beautiful Erfjord in Ryfylke. The harbour has a floating dock and a quay for boats. Starting point for a number of local walks/trails.

  2. Add Grøningen gjestehavn to your Itinerary

    Grøningen gjestehavn


    4180 Kvitsøy

    If you have a boat, and travel along the west coast, the chances are high that you have been to Kvitsøy. Kvitsøy has many options if you want to dock at a quay, and several sheltered bays to anchor up. Grøningen guest harbor is a nice alternative to…

  3. Add Guest harbour to your Itinerary

    Guest harbour


    4200 Sauda

    Sauda Motorbåtforening has a marina and sanitation depot.
    Parking for motor homes with electricity.

  4. Add Guest marina in Sandnes to your Itinerary

    Guest marina in Sandnes


    Mauritz Kartevolls plass
    4306 Sandnes

    Guest marina in Sandnes. For those arriving in Sandnes by sea, we have a very sheltered harbour innermost in the Vågen harbour.

  5. Add Guest marinas in Stavanger to your Itinerary

    Guest marinas in Stavanger


    Nedre Strandgt. 51
    4005 Stavanger

    The Stavanger port authorities provides mooring in two guest marinas:

    The Vågen marina - situated right in the centre of Stavanger. - boats up to 50 ft.

    Børevika - guest marina close to the petroleum museum having showers, WCs and laundry…

  6. Add Hålandsosen to your Itinerary



    4233 Erfjord

    Hålandsosen is located in Erfjord, Suldal. Has a guest harbour, and is close to supermarket.

  7. Add Holmane harbour to your Itinerary

    Holmane harbour


    4364 Sirevåg

    Holmane , sheltered harbour, water, communal marina.

  8. Add Hommersåk Guest Marina to your Itinerary

    Hommersåk Guest Marina


    4310 Hommersåk

    Hommersåk Guest harbour, guest marina, diesel, water, garbage dumpsters, grocery store, post, ATM,  WCs in the clubhouse, also WC, shower and washing machine at Bryggen senter, sailmaker. Nice hiking terrain nearby.  

  9. Add Jørpeland guest harbour to your Itinerary

    Jørpeland guest harbour


    direktør sæthersgate
    4100 Jørpeland

    Guest harbour with modern service facilities (showers, wc, laundry room), petrol and diesel pumps. Near shops, post office and bank.

    Caravan Parking.

  10. Add Lysefjorden Marina to your Itinerary

    Lysefjorden Marina


    Strandvegen 68
    4110 Forsand

    A cozy and spacious marina with many guest berths, fresh water, fuel, groceries, waste containers, telephone, shower, toilet, washing machines

Region Stavanger 986517138

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke 974906430

Vågavegen 116
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.