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Varhaug old cemetary

Varhaug old cemetary

© Terje Rakke

Utstein Monastery

Utstein Monastery

© Elisabeth Tønnesen/Museum Stavanger

Årdal old church

Årdal old church

Kristofer Ryde

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Iconic churches

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  1. Add Årdal Old Church (Årdal gamle kyrkje) in Hjelmeland to your Itinerary

    Årdal Old Church (Årdal gamle kyrkje) in Hjelmeland


    Kyrkjebøen 28
    4137 Årdal i Ryfylke

    Årdal Old church in Årdal in Ryfylke is one of the most distinctive and beautiful wooden Renaissance churches from the 17th century.


  2. Add Egersund church to your Itinerary

    Egersund church


    4370 Egersund

    The site of the beautiful 17th century cruciform church, which was originally known as Heidningeholmen, has always been a sacred and important place. During the Viking age the king’s Leidang ship moored here to collect taxes. The old transport…

  3. Add Hesby kyrkje (church) to your Itinerary

    Hesby kyrkje (church)


    Hesbyvegen 57
    4160 Finnøy

    Hesby church is a single-nave long church from the Middle Ages. It is built of stone and the walls are 1 meter thick, and the roof is high and steep. The church is located on the west side of Finnøy and is visible from the sea and the road below.

  4. Add Kvitsøy kirke to your Itinerary

    Kvitsøy kirke


    Ydstebøveien 71
    4180 Kvitsøy

    Kvitsøy church is a cruciform church. Internally, it is decorated with "rosemåling", a style of Norwegian decorative painting on wood, rediscovered during a major restoration, and it is this decoration, along with the altarpiece, that makes the…

  5. Add Ogna church to your Itinerary

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    Ogna church


    Kyrkjeberget 1
    4364 Sirevåg

    Ogna Church is a beautiful, small medieval church richly ornamented in soapstone.

  6. Add Orre old church to your Itinerary

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    Orre old church


    Nordsjøvegen 1022
    4343 Orre

    Orre old church is from the middle of the 13th century. The medieval church in brick and wood is the oldest building in the area. The church has the conservation status protected/listed.

  7. Add Sandnes church to your Itinerary

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    Sandnes church


    Kirkegaten 10
    4306 Sandnes

    Sandnes church is a neogothic red brick church designed by the architect H. S. Eckhoff in 1882. Eckhoff's church portrays a typical style choice of the time.

  8. Add Sjernarøy church to your Itinerary

    Sjernarøy church


    4170 Sjernarøy

    Sjernarøy church is one of five churches from the 1600s in the county. A beautiful wooden church in nice surroundings at Kyrkjøy providing a quiet and serene place for contemplating life.

  9. Add Sokndal church to your Itinerary

    Sokndal church


    Sokndalsveien 2696
    4380 Hauge i Dalane

    In the middle of Hauge in Dalane is Sokndal church which is the beautiful church right by the Fv44 road that runs through the town. Sokndal Church is a cruciform church built of wood in 1803. It was taken into use the same year even though it was…

  10. Add Sola ruinkyrkje (ruin church) to your Itinerary

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    Sola ruinkyrkje (ruin church)


    Bautavegen 10
    4050 Sola

    Sola ruinkyrkje is a rebuilt medieval church. The church was until the 19th century an important sailing mark for the Jæren coastline.

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4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

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