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© Reisemål Ryfylke



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Svandal waterfall

Svandal waterfall

© Reisemål Ryfylke

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Fjords & waterfalls

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    Byfjorden is the fjord that leads from the North Sea to Stavanger. The fjord is approximately 10.5 km and is the route for coastal traffic to Stavanger and the southern part of Ryfylke. Under the Byfjorden is a 6 km long tunnel between Randaberg and...

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    4443 Tjørhom

    Dorgefoss is a beautiful sight. The Sira river is regulated and the amount of water running through the waterfall varies. The county road crosses the river so that you can look down into the water fall from the bridge. From the picnic area nearby,...

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    4230 Sand

    Fossadn is a beautiful waterfall situated near Gullingen in Suldal, Ryfylke. Fossadn is next to the main road Fv 632, just a couple of kilometres from Gullingen Tourist Centre.

    From the parking area by the road, there is a trail to the waterfall;...

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    4110 Forsand

    Fossjuvet in Forsand in Ryfylke is a tempting destination for those who appreciate beautiful wilderness. From Forsand, drive toward Espedalen and park (free) at the lodge run by Norsk Folkehjelp in Vinddalen. From the parking area there is a...

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    4349 Bryne

    Fotlandsfossen (the Footland waterfall), located in the cross between Fv. 206 and Fv. 210) is a distinctive and not expected landscape area in the municipality of Time. Here has the Hå river dug itself between the phyllite rock and made the biggest...

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    Enjoy the quiet nature in idyllic Frafjord.
    The fjord is approximately a six kilometre long inlet of the Høgsfjord, stretching from Dirdal to the small centre of Frafjord. 

    Similar to another famous fjord, Lysefjorden, Frafjord also has very...

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    4306 Sandnes

    The Gandsfjorden is the fjord from Stavanger to Sandnes town centre. The fjord is situated between the flat Jæren landscape to the west and and the highland to the east. The contrasts are large with the mountain Dalsnuten (323 m) as the highest...

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    4041 Hafrsfjord

    Hafrsfjord is situated north at Jæren and is 9 km long and leading to the airport. The depth of the fjord varies from 3,5 m to 60 m which means that large boats can not enter the fjord. In the north there is a bridge, Hafrsfjord brigde, where it is...

  9. Add Helleren and Jøssingfjord to your Itinerary

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    4380 Hauge i Dalane

    Perhaps you have driven past these, or seen a picture of these little two houses under Helleren in Jøssingfjord. If you drive along the North Sea Route, you can see them from the Rv 44 somewhere in between Egersund and Flekkefjord. 

    Surrounded by...

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    4110 Forsand

    Sightseeing boats and private yachts often stop on the Lysefjord to savour the view of Hengjanefossen fall – unless, of course, their captain chooses to sail right up to the falls, perhaps filling a bucket so that passengers may taste the pure...

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