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Swords in rock

Swords in rock

© Terje Rakke. Bono: Fritz Røed.



© Ivar Tangeraas

Varhaug old cemetary

Varhaug old cemetary

© Terje Rakke

Prehistoric rock-carvings

Prehistoric rock-carvings

© Reisemål Ryfylke

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Search Things to Do


Buildings and monuments

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  1. Add "Brødrene af Sand" to your Itinerary


    Nordenden 14
    4230 Sand

    This traditional timber merchantman has now been restored following a long life plying the Ryfylke fjords. Since the middle of the 19th century "The Sand Brothers" has carried firewood, timber, barrels, sand, livestock, flour and ice between...

  2. Add A stone inscribed with runes, from Kjølevik to your Itinerary


    4126 Jørpeland

    A copy of the Kjølevik stone was made by Kåre Tveit and unveiled
    in 1982 at Kjølevik, Strand in Ryfylke. The original was found 100 years earlier in the ceiling of a
    potato cellar in Kjølevik. A year later, this original stone was moved
    to the...

  3. Add Alexander Kielland (1849 - 1906) to your Itinerary


    4006 Stavanger

    Alexander Lange Kielland was born in Stavanger on the 18th of February 1849. He belonged to one of the oldest merchant families in Stavanger, and he grew up in one of the city's most wealthy homes.

  4. Add Allmannajuvet to your Itinerary


    4200 Sauda

    As part of the establishment of the National Tourist Route Ryfylke, renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor designed new facilities at Allmannajuvet gorge: an exhibition gallery to show the history of the mines in a striking new way, a café and...

  5. Add Architecture & hydropower, Nesflaten to your Itinerary


    4244 Nesflaten

    Nesflaten is a village in Suldal municipality, in scenic Ryfylke. Nesflaten is also home to the offices of Hydro’s hydroelectric facilities in Røldal-Suldal. The hydropower station and the workers’ dwellings are some of the finest and best-preserved...

  6. Add Årdal Old Church (Årdal gamle kyrkje) to your Itinerary


    4137 Årdal i Ryfylke

    Årdal Old church in Årdal in Ryfylke is one of the most distinctive and beautiful wooden Renaissance churches from the 17th century.

  7. Add Åsenhuset - ancient farmhouse to your Itinerary



    Åsenhuset is the oldest house in Bjerkreim, and an important site of cultural heritage in Bjerkreim municipality. 

    The house used to be a farmhouse. It is located just in between Helleland and Bjerkreim, close to the ancient priest route - the...

  8. Add Blåsjø Reservoir in Ryfylke and Setesdal to your Itinerary


    Blåsjø Water Reservoir located in Ryfylke and Setesdal. Blåsjø is Norway's largest artificial lake, and kept in place by 11 small and larger dams. When regulated to its highest water level, Blåsjø covers an area of over 82sqkm. Storvassdammen,...

  9. Add Breidablikk to your Itinerary

    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating

    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating - 50 reviews50 reviews


    Eiganesveien 40 A
    4005 Stavanger

    The mansion Breidablikk was built by the architect, Henrik Nissen, in 1881. The owner was the merchant and shipowner Lars Berentsen, one of the leading businessmen in Stavanger at that time.

    Breidablikk is extraordinarily well preserved, both...

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK 50.- Admission
  10. Add Cleng Peerson to your Itinerary


    4160 Finnøy

    Cleng Peerson (1783-1865) was a Norwegian American immigration pioneer. Born in Tysvær, he married on Finnøy and lived the last portion of his life in America. On Finnøy, Cleng lived in the oldest house still standing on Kindingstad. Cleng married...

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