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Gorgeous day out in #fargegata

Gorgeous day out in #fargegata

© Brian Tallman Photography

Glass art

Glass art

© Mingar Walker Glassblåseri

Figgjo Factory Outlet & Museum

Figgjo Factory Outlet & Museum

© Figgjo Norway

Glass art

Glass art

© Mingar Walker Glassblåseri

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  1. Add Mikals Laks A/S to your Itinerary

    Mikals Laks A/S


    4146 Skiftun

    Mikals Laks AS (King Mikal) is a family-owned smokehouse that produces gourmet-quality smoked and cured salmon (gravlaks). The gourmet products are sold at the smokehouse in Skiftun all year round.


    1 Jan 2021-31 Dec 2021Various Opening TimesMikals Laks

    Indicative Availability

    Book Mikals Laks A/S Online (opens in a new window)

  2. Add MingarWalker Glassblowing studio to your Itinerary

    MingarWalker Glassblowing studio


    Nordsjøvegen 2012
    4365 Nærbø

    At Jæren, a little south of Stavanger the MingarWalker Glassblowing studio is located. Here you will find a contemporary collection of Norwegian Handblown glass, designed and made by Line Victorie Mingar and Benjamin Walker.

  3. Add Norwegian Outlet to your Itinerary

    Norwegian Outlet


    Ole Nielsensvei 13
    4330 Ålgård

    The largest brand village in the western part of Norway with 200 brands in 24 stores, all gathered under one roof. The best part is that everything is on sale! Always! With 30 - 70% discount on all products, you are guaranteed to make a bargain.

  4. Add Oleana to your Itinerary



    Kirkegt. 31
    4006 Stavanger

    Oleana was founded in 1992, with the aim of creating new jobs in Norway's textile industry. Most of Western Europe’s production had by that time moved to countries with far cheaper labour, but we wanted to show that it is still possible to produce…

  5. Add Ostehuset Bakery and "patisserie" to your Itinerary

    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating

    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating - 182 reviews182 reviews

    Ostehuset Bakery and "patisserie"


    Domkirkeplassen 3/Ryfylkegt. 30
    4014 Stavanger

    When you go to bed, our baker goes to work! Every day Ostehuset can offer delicious, freshly baked bread and aromatic pastry from its very own bakery. No cheating, no half fabricates. There will always be fresh bread - at the most 9 different kinds…

  6. Add Preikestolen Design to your Itinerary

    Preikestolen Design


    Strandkaien 61
    4005 Stavanger

    Preikestolen Design is a Norwegian design comapny located in Stavanger who are known for their quality products, produced locally and inspired by Norwegian nature. Preikestolen Design is most famous for their popular miniature of the Pulpit Rock and…

  7. Add Preikestolen village - Jørpeland to your Itinerary

    Preikestolen village - Jørpeland


    4100 Jørpeland

    Jørpeland is situated by the fjord, about 10 km from Tau in Ryfylke. This small Ryfylke town has a selection of shops that offer a wide range of products, ranging from food to toys, sports equipment and furniture.

  8. Add R13 senteret to your Itinerary

    R13 senteret


    Fiskåvegen 2
    4120 Tau
  9. Add Rema 1000 Bjergsted to your Itinerary

    Rema 1000 Bjergsted


    Sverdrups gate 1
    4007 Stavanger

    REMA 1000 is Norway's leading grocery chain and one of the country's strongest brands.

  10. Add Ria Financial Services Norway to your Itinerary

    Ria Financial Services Norway


    Strandkaien 2
    4005 Stavanger

    Ria Money Transfer & Currency Exchange

    Ria is the third largest money transfer company in the world, with a network of more than 324,000 locations and services in 146 countries and territories worldwide.

    As well as money transfer, Ria…

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