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© Terje Rakke

Old Stavanger

Old Stavanger

© Terje Rakke / Nordic life



© Knut Bry / Tinagent



© Sune Eriksen

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Search Things to Do


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  1. Add Social cooking to your Itinerary

    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating

    TripAdvisor Traveller Rating - 19 reviews19 reviews

    Social cooking


    Verksgata 2
    4013 Stavanger

    Social Cooking is a place where you can learn to cook by socializing or learn to socialize by cooking. - It is up to you! The kitchen is always the place to be — there is no age, status … no differences. Social Cooking gathers people to share great…

  2. Add Stavanger Symphony Orchestra to your Itinerary

    Stavanger Symphony Orchestra


    Sandvigå 1
    4007 Stavanger

    The Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (SSO) has become one of the most successful orchestras in Scandinavia. In recent years it has achieved major artistic development and attracted an ever greater following, both inside and outside Norway. This success…

  3. Add Surfing with Surf school to your Itinerary

    Surfing with Surf school


    Strender på Jæren
    The beaches of Jæren
    4367 Nærbø

    Welcome to!  The Stavanger region offers spectacular adventures, and perhaps you're here to hike to Preikestolen, to go on a weekend break in Stavanger city, to hike to Kjerag, go on a fjord cruise, go kayaking or sup boarding in…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK200.00 Activities
  4. Add Teambuilding på Preikestolen golfklubb to your Itinerary

    Teambuilding på Preikestolen golfklubb


    Preikestolvegen 136
    4100 Jørpeland
  5. The Mice guru


    4005 Stavanger

    The MICE guru is an DMC located in Stavanger.

  6. Add Tour des Fjords AS to your Itinerary

    Tour des Fjords AS


    Gunnar Warebergs Gate 13
    4021 Stavanger

    Tour des Fjords AS was founded in November 2012 by Stavanger SK and Nordsjørittet AS, which are owners and Roy Hegreberg was hired as general manager. The company has organised Tour des Fjords for 6 years before taking over Tour of Norway. From…

  7. Add Trolljeger to your Itinerary



    Kvernelandsveien 126
    4323 Sandnes

    Do you accept the challenge? What is Trolljeger? Trolljeger as a concept is about challenging people both physically and mentally. Exercising both body and mind. Expand the comfort zone. Challenge people to put pressure on themselves. Doing things…

  8. Add Vipe Productions AS to your Itinerary

    Vipe Productions AS


    Nordbøgata 9A
    4006 Stavanger

    Responible for large and medium sized cultural events in the Stavanger region, i.e. the Utopia festival.

Region Stavanger 986517138

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke 974906430

Ryfylkevegen 7040
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.