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  1. Add Etours Ryfylke to your Itinerary

    Etours Ryfylke


    Strandkaien 61
    Stavanger turistinformasjon/Stavanger tourist information
    4005 Stavanger

    Go exploring with our fun, green, electric twizy cars. We guarantee your smile all the way. One electric car for two people for a fixed price depending on the length of your tour. We have cars available in Stavanger, Rennesøy and Jørpeland to ensure…

  2. Add Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren to your Itinerary

    Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren


    Ogna - Bore
    4363 Brusand

    In the Jæren landscape you will be awe-struck by the sheer beauty of nature, and choice of marvellous food.  Mile upon mile of sandy beaches and sand dunes, only broken by boulders and salmon rivers.

  3. Add Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke to your Itinerary

    Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke


    4130 Hjelmeland

    The Norwegian Scenic Route Ryfylke through Ryfylke is one of the longest of Norway’s 18 Scenic Routes. The route through Ryfylke – from Oanes by the Lysefjord to Hårå in Røldal – is 260 kilometres long and travels Rv. 13 and Fv. 520.

  4. Add Roundtrip by electric car to your Itinerary

    Roundtrip by electric car


    Startsted: Stavanger
    4006 Stavanger

    Beautiful scenery featuring majestic mountain formations such as Preikestolen and Kjerag. Magnificent islands. Follow the National Tourist Route at Jæren with longstreched, white beaches. What shall we do today? Cycling, kayaking, surfing/kiting,…

  5. Add Suleskarvegen to your Itinerary



    4330 Ålgård

    Suleskarvegen is known as the highest road connection in the south west of Norway. Unforgettable impressions await you; from charming and vibrant towns to authentic rural culture and breathtaking mountain scenery.

  6. Add The Architectural Route to your Itinerary

    The Architectural Route


    4230 Sand

    Experience world class and historic architecture while driving through a spectacular landscape over mountains and along fjords, rivers and lakes in Suldal, Sauda and Røldal. Highlights of the route include Allmannajuvet in Sauda by Peter Zumthor and…

  7. Add The North Sea Road to your Itinerary

    The North Sea Road


    4313 Sandnes

    From Kristiansand in the south to Haugesund in the north, this renowned coastal route treats you to magnificent and varied views of the North Sea.

    After leaving the town of Kristiansand, head northwest. You will soon leave behind the gentle…

  8. Add Tronåsen to your Itinerary



    4460 Moi

    Tronåsen is the ancient road between Moi and Flekkefjord. It is today a protected route. The road ends at Bakke Bro (bridge), an old suspension bridge from 1844 crossing the river Sira. The Tronåsen route is part of the old Western main road, and…

Region Stavanger 986517138

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke 974906430

Vågavegen 116
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.