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© Reisemål Ryfylke

Ferry on the Lysefjord

Ferry on the Lysefjord

© Hessel Haker

Get here by boat

Get here by boat

© Monica Larsen

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Search Travel


Get here by boat & ferry

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  1. Add Combi ferry Lysebotn - Forsand - Lauvvik - Stavanger to your Itinerary

    Combi ferry Lysebotn - Forsand - Lauvvik - Stavanger


    4313 Sandnes

    Car and passenger ferry with limited car spaces between Lysebotn - Forsand - Lauvvik - Stavanger. MS Lysefjord is the ferry crossing, a combined goods transport vessel. Vehicles of more than 3,500 kg cannot be taken on board or arrive onshore in…

  2. Add Fast boat Stavanger -  Ryfylke to your Itinerary

    Fast boat Stavanger - Ryfylke


    4006 Stavanger

    Activity provider: Kolumbus. Express ferries through the fjords are connecting the south and northern part of the county together. Often this is the fastest way of travelling. All passengers should book tickets or reserve via…

  3. Add Ferry Fogn, Judaberg, Nedstrand, Jelsa to your Itinerary

    Ferry Fogn, Judaberg, Nedstrand, Jelsa


    4160 Finnøy

    Ferry connecting islands to the mainland at Haugalandet and Ryfylke.

    Ports: Fogn, Judaberg, Halsnøy, Helgøy (Finnøy kommune), Nesheim, Nord-Hidle, Eidssund, Foldøy, Nedstrand, Hebnes, Jelsa.

    Tickets: sale onboard. No reservation.

  4. Add Ferry Hjelmeland - Nesvik to your Itinerary

    Ferry Hjelmeland - Nesvik


    4130 Hjelmeland

    Car ferry across Jøsenfjord from Hjelmeland to Nesvik on tourist route Ryfylke (Rv13).

    Departure every 15 minutes.

    Tickets: On ferry quay. No reservation


  5. Add Ferry Lauvvik - Oanes to your Itinerary

    Ferry Lauvvik - Oanes


    4328 Sandnes

    The Høgsfjord ferry is ferry connection the whole year across the Høgsfjord (Rv13) between Lauvvik and Oanes. The crossing time is 8 minutes and departure is 2 times per hour in each direction.

    Tickets: sale on arrival at ferry quay - no…

  6. Add Ferry Mekjarvik - Kvitsøy to your Itinerary

    Ferry Mekjarvik - Kvitsøy


    4070 Randaberg

    Ferry from the island Kvitsøy to mainland at Mekjarvik.

    Monday - Friday: 10 departures, Saturday and Sunday: 8 departures.

    Tickets: Onboard ferry. No reservation.

  7. Add Fjord Line to your Itinerary

    Fjord Line


    4056 Tananger

    MS Bergensfjord & MS Stavangerfjord

    Bergen-Stavanger-Hirtshals. You can also travel domestic between Bergen and Stavanger.

  8. Add Helgøy Skyssbåt A/S to your Itinerary

    Helgøy Skyssbåt A/S


    4167 Helgøy i Ryfylke

    Helgøy Skyssbåt is a family-operated shuttle boat company operating from the island of Helgøy in the Årdalsfjord, Hjelmeland. The company is expert at navigating the waters of the Ryfylke region, and is familiar with every island and islet, and…

  9. Add Ski boat to Sauda to your Itinerary

    Ski boat to Sauda


    Rødne Fjord Cruise
    4006 Stavanger

    Sail with us to a great ski area! Our ski boat from Stavanger to the Sauda Ski Center offers a relaxing, comfortable and beautiful alternative to the stress of driving on icy roads. We sail to one of southwestern Norway’s best ski areas every…

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK490.00 to NOK750.00 Tickets

    Indicative Availability

    Book Ski boat to Sauda Online (opens in a new window)

  10. Add Speed boat Stavanger - Byøyene - Hommersåk to your Itinerary

    Speed boat Stavanger - Byøyene - Hommersåk


    4006 Stavanger

    Activity provider: Kolumbus. Speed ferry from Stavanger to Steinsøy, Vassøy, Langøy, Lindøy, Hellesøy, Tunsøy, Kalvøy, Uskekalven, Stølsvik, Rosenvik, Usken, Sjølvik and Hommersåk. Hiking areas on Lanøy, Lindøy and Hommersåk. Tickets: At…

Region Stavanger 986517138

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke 974906430

Ryfylkevegen 7040
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.