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Architecture & hydropower, Nesflaten

Architecture & hydropower, Nesflaten

© Dag Jensen

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  1. Address

    4233 Erfjord

    Erfjord is a population centre in Suldal municipality. It is home to 500–600 people and comprises Erøy, Bog, Bogsund, Hålandsosen and Håland. There are two shops in Erfjord, a church, school and daycare centre. The National Tourist Route Ryfylke...

  2. Address

    4130 Hjelmeland
  3. Address

    4234 Jelsa

    Jelsa in Suldal is the best-preserved fjordside village in Ryfylke. There has been a church here since the 13th century and commercial activity since the 17th century. The old settlement and the wharf constitute a unique environment in architectural...

  4. Address

    4127 Lysebotn

    Lysebotn is a small place located at the end of Lysefjorden in Forsand municipality, in Ryfylke, Rogaland country. It is a great tourist destination with over 120 000 visitors every year. Most visitors take the tourist ferry from Forsand in to...

  5. Address

    4244 Nesflaten

    Nesflaten is a village in Suldal municipality, in scenic Ryfylke. It is situated on the northern shore of Suldalsvatnet lake. Highway Rv13, a national scenic route, passes through the village, which consists of 80 spread-out houses. There is a...

  6. Address

    Kyrkjevegen 27
    5760 Røldal

    Røldal in the municipality of Odda, is a town right to the north of Ryfylke. It lies strategically at the crossroads to Odda in Hardanger, Haukeli in Telemark, Etne in Haugaland and the Rv13 to Suldal in Ryfylke. Therefore Røldal also is the...

  7. Address

    4230 Sand

    Sand is the administrative centre of Suldal municipality, and has 1100 inhabitants. The National Tourist Route Ryfylke passes through Sand. The old village, beautifully situated on the Sandsfjord, has preserved much of its historic character, with...

  8. Address

    4237 Suldalsosen

    Suldalsosen is a village in Suldal municipality, situated at the southwestern end of Suldalsvatnet lake. It once playing a key role in boat traffic on the lake, and in the historic tourism to the local rivers and streams.

    At Suldalsosen there are...

  9. Address

    4120 Tau

    Just 10 km from Jørpeland lies the village of Tau, which offers ferry connection to Stavanger and express boat services to many destinations in the region. Scenic highway Rv13 passes continues from Tau. The rapidly expanding village centre is just a...

Region Stavanger

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke

Ryfylkevegen 7040
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 51 75 95 10

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