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Ferry Fogn, Judaberg, Nedstrand, Jelsa

4160 Finnøy

51 86 87 00

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Ferry Fogn, Judaberg, Nedstrand, Jelsa

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Timetable Fogn - Judaberg - Nedstrand - Jelsa 31.12.17
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Timetable Fogn - Judaberg - Nedstrand - Jelsa 31.12.17

Timetable Fogn - Judaberg - Nedstrand - Jelsa 31.12.17

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What's Nearby

  1. Gabriel and Gustava Kielland have their own memorial at the vicarage on Finnøy. Gabriel...

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  2. Mathematician Niels Henrik Abel (1802-1829). By the vicarage at Finnøy at Hesby, you will...

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  3. Asgaut Olsen Regelstad (1751-1847) was a delegate of the National Assembly at Eidsvoll...

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  1. Nordbøvågen is a perfect spot for a picnic or to go bathing. Here you can watch the...

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  2. Cleng Peerson (1783-1865) was a Norwegian American emigration pioneer. He lived some...

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  3. The stone monument commemorating  Ogmund Finnson is erected next to the parking area at...

    4.37 km Away
  4. Kindingstadvågen is right next to the Finnfast tunnel. The picnic facilities are good,...

    4.38 km Away
  5. In the late 13th century, the first water powered mills were introduced in Norway. At...

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  6. Skartveitvågen on Halsnøy is the centre of the island. Here you will find a marina and...

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  7. German fortress, Søre Vignes, Finnøy. During World War II, Germans built a fortress at...

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  8. Kvitevik is an area with two good beaches, picnic area and good places for fishing. Steep...

    5.83 km Away
  9. A copy of the Kjølevik stone was made by Kåre Tveit and unveiled in 1982 at Kjølevik,...

    8.39 km Away
  10. Alfred Hauge Memorial is located just by Sjernarøy church. Alfred Hauge was a recognised...

    9.95 km Away
  11. This old granary consists of three well preserved wooden mill buildings in their natural...

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  12. The beautiful park by the Director`s residence, established in cooperation with the...

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  13. Holtaheia is situated in Strand municipality, south in the Ryfylke region. These...

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Bandåsen, FinnøyBandåsen is with its 513 m the highest mountain peak in the islands of Ryfylke. From Tjeltveit, the hike goes along the old road (sjoarveien) to Helgeland. The farm court yard at Helgeland is located 285 metres above sea level. Currently, the farm is run as a sheep farm with one family living here...

Skartveitvågen, Finnøy

Finnøy, Finnøy

Handelsstedet Ramsvig, FinnøyThe elegance of Ryfylke could best describe Handelsstedet Ramsvig in Kyrkjøy in Sjernarøyene. Handelsstedet Ramsvig has an exceptionally beautiful location on the islands Sjernarøyene, between Judaberg and Nedstrand, in Forasundet, between Kyrkjøy and Bjergøy and Aubø towards the east. Many people...

Region Stavanger 986517138

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke 974906430

Ryfylkevegen 7040
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

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