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Search Eating & Drinking


Top 10 caffeine places

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  1. Add Byrkjedalstunet - Restaurant to your Itinerary

    Byrkjedalstunet - Restaurant


    Hunnedalsvegen 3231
    4335 Dirdal

    Byrkjedalstunet restaurant can be found in the old buildings of Byrkjedal cheese factory. The restaurant was opened in 1991 and quickly became a popular stop for people on their way to or from the cabin in Hunnedalen and Sirdal.

  2. Add Fargeriet Kafé at Sand to your Itinerary

    Fargeriet Kafé at Sand


    Gata 12
    4230 Sand

    At Fargeriet Kafe, you will be served home-made food made from local ingredients in intimate and pleasant premises on the main street at Sand in Ryfylke.

  3. Add FRI BAR coffee & cocktails to your Itinerary

    FRI BAR coffee & cocktails


    Øvre Holmegate 27
    4006 Stavanger

    FRI BAR (formerly known as Tørst juicebar) opened in 2015, and has since then offered thirsty tourists and locals mouthwatering juices and lunch dishes.

  4. Add GamlaVærket - Bakery & Patisserie to your Itinerary

    GamlaVærket - Bakery & Patisserie


    St. Olavs gt. 38
    4306 Sandnes

    After a long day of adventures and shopping in Sandnes, you might be feeling just a tad hungry. A stop at Gamlaværket Bakery & Paterisserie is a welcome stop on the route.


    1 Jan 2021-31 Dec 2021Various Opening TimesGamlaVærket - Bakeri & Konditori
  5. Add Ostehuset Øst to your Itinerary

    Ostehuset Øst


    Ryfylkegata 30
    4014 Stavanger

    Ostehuset cafe in Stavanger's eastern part, an exciting city area in development. The guests reflect the diversity of this part of the city; in the week, people working here, students and good friends.

  6. Add Renaa: Xpress to your Itinerary

    Renaa: Xpress


    Sølvberget 2
    4006 Stavanger

    Renaa: Xpress is located in the Stavanger culture house in the middle of the city centre. There is a large restaurant indoors, and a lovely outdoor area; the city's best sheltered spot. They offer freshly made and gorgeous breakfast, lunch, snacks,…

  7. Add Ryfylke bakeri & konditori at Tau to your Itinerary

    Ryfylke bakeri & konditori at Tau


    Fiskåvegen 2
    4120 Tau

    The cozy cafe Ryfylke bakeri & konditori is located in the R13 center at Tau in Ryfylke, and has a large selection of breads, salats and pastries.

  8. Add The restaurant Villa Rosehagen at Jørpeland to your Itinerary

    The restaurant Villa Rosehagen at Jørpeland


    Vågabakken 1
    4100 Jørpeland

    Villa Rosehagen is beautifully situated in a large garden near Jørpeland center in Ryfylke. Here you can enjoy local food and beverages with nice views of the roses and the fjord.

Region Stavanger 986517138

Vågsgt. 22
4306 Sandnes

+47 51 85 92 00

Reisemål Ryfylke 974906430

Vågavegen 116
4130 Hjelmeland

+47 982 19 975

The local tourist offices can give you good and useful information.